South River Gnats

South River Gnats Baseball


1/15/2018 Update:  Scheduling for 2018 season is underway!  Happy New Year!

12/8/2017 Update:  Our official team name is the South River Gnats and we were officially accepted by the Riverview League in Class A baseball.  

11/9/2017 Update:  First off, thank you to our first team sponsor, Wildcats Bar and Grill in Eagan MN!  Next, currently finalizing official team name, colors and will put out our official logo(s).  Still recruiting!

9/14/2017 Update:  Farmington Town Baseball is currently picking out a name, and colors.  Logo and name will be shared soon!  We are preparing for the 2018 season and are currently welcoming players to our team.  

An official roster will be posted in the next few months.



9/8/2017 Update:  Farmington Town Baseball is currently setting up acceptance with MN Baseball for the 2018 season.  We will be focusing on players in Farmington, Lakeville, Rosemount, Apple Valley and Eastview.  


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06/16/2018 @ Cherry Creek Days Tournament